Are you ready for 2019? – Resolutions for a good year

For many, New Year’s Eve comes with mixed feelings. How is it for you? Have you thought through your resolutions yet?

Are you ready for the new year?

There are strange expectations for the next year and relief in leaving certain things behind. However, our brain can be pretty treacherous: We are a lot better at storing the past negative events than the positive ones. And when it comes to the future, we easily overload ourselves, with good intentions. Begin to expect too much, set ourselves up for disappointment. That’s why we have three alternative New Year’s Resolutions for you.

The good intentions don’t feel good?

“You are your own worst critic.” – Slightly cliché but nonetheless very true. The amount of pressure we submit ourselves to sometimes is impressive. Especially around New Year’s we can overload ourselves with too many well-intended resolutions: “I’ll dedicate more time to my friends. Also, I should really get up earlier every day and exercise an hour before work. I should read more and – hey, it’s really time for that cooking class.”

Around New Year’s, it’s almost as if we want to change everything about ourselves. All these resolutions, all these things we’ve always wanted to cross off our bucket list, start piling up in our brains and the thought alone of what all we should be doing can put us under immense pressure. For most, the resolutions aren’t even as specific as mentioned here which makes them even worse: We create extremely high expectations for ourselves – and then we don’t even know when or how to meet them. In a sense, this is willfully bowing to the ‘tyranny of should could would’. Fight this by giving yourself a limit to your resolutions. Slow and steady wins the race here.

What was good, what was bad? Write it down!

Looking back at 2018 can help you draw conclusions for your next year and it gives you a more satisfying feeling of closure. Your year included a tough breakup? Were you frustrated at times with your job? Were you worried at times? Don’t only think of the bad stuff, though! Remember that nice trip, the friendship you kept, or something wonderful that happened.

Sometimes, when we are faced with a difficult decision it can help to take a pen and paper and jot down the pros and cons. This is a useful piece of advice and it can be easily transferred to a fresh start into your new year. It will help you let go and look forward.

How to kick off the new year without anxiety and stress? Meditation helps!

We all know how helpful breath can be in getting us through tough moments. Your breath is like a silent companion in the background, it goes through everything with you and tries to support you as best it can. – It’s the ideal tool to practice mindfulness! We’re all becoming increasingly stressed and busy. Spare moments of silence are rare. That’s why it has become more and more important to actively take time out of our day to make sure that these moments of calm don’t just go under in the white noise of everything else.

We need these moments of silence to process our day, our thoughts and the things going on around us. Meditation helps you to pause at the end of the year – and can make your start in 2019 less stressful. Try out the course section of our App! We offer over 100 exercises dealing with meditation and many other topics around mental health.

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