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You’re going through a difficult phase in life and are worried about your mental health? Moodpath is a leading depression app and accompanies you on your way out of depression.

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We’ll test your mood

Moodpath screens your well-being by asking questions on a daily basis. The screening makes you more conscious about your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Assessment of your results

After two weeks, you receive an electronic doctor letter. This letter will make your conversation with a professional much easier.

Personalized exercises

More than 150 psychological exercises and videos give you a better understanding of your moodpath and strengthen your mental health.

Anonymous and safe

Moodpath is a CE-certified medical product and complies with highest data security requirements.


No registration with Facebook or via email


Use of the latest encryption technologies


Comply with strictest data privacy policies

Developed with therapists

Moodpath was developed in close cooperation with psychiatrists and therapists.

"Therapy tools like Moodpath provide longitudinal data and give my clients access to useful content, independent of time and place."

Prof. Dr. rer. medic. Harriet Salbach
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