Your Mental Health Companion

If you're struggling with depression or anxiety, Moodpath is the leading mental health app to guide you toward emotional well-being.

Your Mood Journal

Track your emotional state in relation to other areas in your life to detect patterns and identify areas that can improve.

The Right Questions

As a personalized mental health companion, Moodpath checks on you three times a day with questions that "learn" from your responses. These questions generate Insights and other resources most relevant to your emotional health.

Regular Mental Health Reports

By answering questions and recording your mood, you'll receive regular mental health reports detailing your symptoms and providing a synopsis of your emotional state.

In-Depth Statistics

Moodpath's statistical views provide snapshots of your mood over time. You can quickly see which emotions you tend to feel when and which situations helped cause them.

Resources to Help

Moodpath offers a wide range of courses, guided meditations, sleep aids, and other resources to help you improve your emotional health.

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